The Lovely and Talented Coya Paz

Jul 25
Conversations with future philanthropists
Jan 31
Conversations With 4-Year Old Divas
Oct 8
Conversations With 3-Year Olds Who Are Going To Send Me Their Therapy Bill When They're Older
Aug 21
Conversations With Future Marketing Executives
Aug 9
Conversations with Feminist Moms and the 3yr Olds Who Love Them
Jul 21
Conversations with Opinionated 3yr Olds

"I didn’t like it. I mean, I liked it, but I didn’t like it. I mean… I saw what I came here to see."

- Overheard in the bathroom after Magic Mike. 

Jul 14

Me: Do you see the fire truck?
3-Yr Old: Whoever sees a fire truck gets CASH!!!!! So yes! I see a fire truck! That means I win cash. And money. Right?!
Me: uh… Sure . Ok. I’ll give you a dollar.
3 Yr Old: Yes!!!!!!

Jun 16
Conversations With Scam Artists

"Woman (watching her 3 boys run around the yard at a party): And this is why I didn’t take them to Grandma’s funeral. They would have been cooped up in the car even longer and just wild. Her Father: Oh. That reminds me. Aunt Rosie died. Woman: WHAT?! When? Her Father: Two days ago. Woman: Why didn’t anyone tell me? Like, at least send an email? Her Father: I don’t know…"

- Overheard at my niece’s birthday party…

Jun 16